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Im a self taught artist , ive been drawing all my life and i really try to improve after every artwork i make.

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Posted by HOLIMOUNT2 - January 22nd, 2013

remember that insanely shitty comic i made like a million years ago in my old account?

guess what?
Its coming back

so hold your shorts ,cuz this is about to get real strange

Elikaz Wizdom Returns

Posted by HOLIMOUNT2 - December 27th, 2012

just saying

i hardly post journals here so let me hear you guys talking

Posted by HOLIMOUNT2 - November 27th, 2012

i havent made a journal in freaking centuries

well mostly because im freaking stupid but besides that is because i love to give you guys the best of the best so i dont want to bore you with my personal life and such

ive been doing some elika stuff lately so i hope you fellas like it and ill try to finish it all soon

sup newgrounds

Posted by HOLIMOUNT2 - October 9th, 2012

Do you want to kick the living crap out of me in tf2?
do you want to be best friends forever?
do you want to live forever?
do you want to see me playing as sniper in tf2 for motherfucking hours in mann vs machine and missing every single shot?

then add me on steam

my id is Hellrund and im online everyday all the time ,because i have a problem


Posted by HOLIMOUNT2 - September 26th, 2012

send me a note if youre interested


Posted by HOLIMOUNT2 - August 20th, 2012

sorry for not uploading lately guys ive been kinda occupied and besides the fact that ive had some technical problems along the way but yeah guys im making this journal to tell you guys that that this time im triying to get real serious about drawing now and to start having some profesional standarts being polite being efficient

...you know the drill

lol naw but in all seriousness guys im sick and tired of having more ideas than actual products and i want to give you guys some premium entertainment and some high quality work for you guys to enjoy or hate or whatever

so yeah guys have a nice day and ill be updating soon

getting real cereal

Posted by HOLIMOUNT2 - August 5th, 2012

this is what goes through my mind


every single fucking time ....over and over again

every time i draw furry porn

Posted by HOLIMOUNT2 - July 31st, 2012

then check out my you tube channel

where i upload videos every once a billion years

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWKpalNfaUk&featu re=plcp

want to see me drawing

Posted by HOLIMOUNT2 - July 16th, 2012

so yeah guys

for the people that know me or dont im triying to get my original account back http://holimount.newgrounds.com/

i hope this all gets fixed up and going pretty soon but in case nothing works and i cant get it back, its all cool its a new beggining you know i guess i gotta deal with it

triying to get my account back

Posted by HOLIMOUNT2 - July 9th, 2012

lol im not exactly a writter guys and i know reading is boring but please if you have some free time check out my little short story i made wish by the way i think of illustrating http://eichh-emmm.deviantart.com/#/d56mbnx

Litterature work