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Im a self taught artist , ive been drawing all my life and i really try to improve after every artwork i make.

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Someone without purple hair? Can't think of anyone off hand... how about Lily from 'Blazing Saddles'?

Draw Skeletor saving the world from the Mayans last week

I'm not sure if you're familiar with Go Nagai's works but try something from Devilman or Cutey Honey. Those seem like they would be right up your ally

If i had to say something about your work, its that you polish it up pretty well, though i have to say, the faces are often out of place or awkward looking. And the balloon tits. Stop it. Its fine every once and a while, but basically ALL of the females you draw are like that.

I really love your drawing style :P . The hot faces , the perfect boobs, i'm in love with them. I really don't know why someone would say something bad about them . :/

The tall tower of Fellendor was visible in the distance across the wide valley. And the peaks of the Ceril Mountains just barely visible beyond. Sophia sighed. The journey had been a long one, and yet there was still so far to go. The day, as tiring as it had already been, was only half spent. The river Daroon was visible in the valley below, and within a few hours trek, it would be the place to camp for the night. Dismounting her horse, she dropped her pack, stuck her sword into the ground, and sat in the grass, taking in the view.

"For a moment, we rest, Storm," she said, and the horse, as in agreement, lowered his head and began to graze amoungst the soft grasses and wildflowers.

So for just a short moment, she rested there, in the emerald grass, under the sapphire sky and whispy clouds, the breeze gently caressing her flowing, purple hair, instilling life back into her tired soul.

Now, draw it. :)

Let me know once you're done. Replying to these news posts doesn't get to anyone's account. You have to send a PM to contact and reply to people. I look forward to seeing what you see with your mind's eye. Challenge accepted? :)

A nightclub full of strange humanoids ears, tails, scales, and slit-pupiled eyes are everywhere. The light is purple and red, dark and embryonic. The club-goers' clothing is outrageous and often revealing. Some are here with friends, some with a partner, others are looking for a night of fun meaning whatever hedonistic shenanigans they might consider fun. The throbbing music begs the dancers to grow ever bolder with their sexy moves...

^ Inspired by the poster below me. Maybe you could put someone (anyone) in the middle dancing? I thought this would be fun, lots of boobies and furries to draw. Have fun!