Entry #21

Cranking out more artwork , more often.

2017-06-24 23:15:44 by HOLIMOUNT2

So yeah guys imma be cranking up more stuff around here

Imma try to bring back some Miss Tia (for the ones who remember her piggy tiddies) to keep you fellas happy since yall love to push me , wish is great. 

You guys are a tough crowd and i like that and i sure as shit need to get good so yeah , get ready. 


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2017-06-25 02:26:42

You haven't drawn Miss Tia, in forever, can't wait. Been looking at your artwork for a while now like even before you gave Elika big tits, even before you started drawing her nude, I think.

HOLIMOUNT2 responds:

Man i find it curious how many people like Tia

I wanna make new drawings of her but i wanna radically step up the volume and quality of her work.


2017-09-29 21:48:51

Glad to see people like you have absolutely no respect for women and their bodies.

HOLIMOUNT2 responds: